I’m looking at how to develop drawing with the body into edgeland spaces as dance diagrams. The images below are stills from Surface with Walt Shaw, working with dance and installation. I’ve been working with layers of horizontally for the past 3 years across multimedia platforms of installation (textile/paper/glass/line i.e. scored and inscribed surfaces), performance and drawing. The latter works as an allegory across all the media I use. I’m particularly interested in how to develop the movement from site-specific everyday movement and diagramatising it, a choreographic approach I developed with installation during my MA, and now something I want to take outside into sites. There is a video of an attempt at this with Wintering Krokodil 2014, Edgeland Derbyshire further down.

11182684_10152938259718285_7472451514823641533_o 11181541_10152939668923285_937022662_o 11180524_10152939669328285_1188882529_o 11182962_10152939670028285_35428993_o 11158975_10152939671088285_1425149432_o

These were recorded during a project with Walt Shaw, Vitor Azevedo and Paul Calderwood ( photographs courtesy of Paul Calderwood) It is this aspect, together with working directly in the landscape a little like Anna Halprin and Trisha Brown, that I’m looking to develop for the Kite project 2015 – 2016. I’ll be updating sketches and diagrams related to the project over the next few months and of course looking for willing dancers.


Below is an image and short film produced in an abandoned car park space with Pilgrim (Luke Ingham’s work) and David Culleton. Although we went with a toolkit for the site, we worked with the materials found there in addition to implementing performance, and drawing diagrammatic language on the car park floor. The notion of working along the horizontal was in the early stages here. (Image courtesy of David Culleton)

P1080163 copy

Please follow the YouTube link to Wintering, Krokidil, 2014 with Rob Burton, David Culleton and Rob Padley. Dancing into Edgeland spaces


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