Image courtesy of David Culleton

I have been taking the simple box kite, drawing it, turning it into spatial diagrams, making my own with blueprints and even dancing with it. This has been part of a visiting research fellowship at Aberdeen University and Leeds College of Art. Over the next year I will be taking the project to Edgeland sites, as a performance piece from which a film will be developed. There is already a mass of footage developed that develops my ideas in relation to Kraus’ horizontality, drawing and painting line. It also attempts to break away from ocular centric viewpoints to work with multiple layers. This is my first introductory post as I prepare to work with hopefully CarlRobertShaw (International Kite flyer).

There will be this and other performance pieces, investigating the line, moving around the Derbyshire and Yorkshire regions, so I’ll keep you posted. If any of you wish to be involved and kept up-to-date, please drop me a line on the ol’ .facebook I will add you into the project page, once I have that ready – I’m working on it!


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