A ‘blubild’ performance in our Edgelands – It’s So Serious Doing The Twist

‘Its so serious doing the twist’ is a diptych film piece. It takes the image of the staircase and the newel post, that exists as the thick post at the bottom of the staircase in the domestic home, to insert them as apparatus in installation/choreographic works in Edgeland spaces, the urban/rural wilds. The works shed Feminine domestic architecture and its weighty canon, to be playful and light in transforming spaces via dynamic fluid lines expressed as an activity called blubilds.

The staircase as a diagonal line of transition represents the serious feminist approach towards developing dynamic fluid spaces. The newel post represents a ‘light touch,’ a positive and playful choreographic gesture. Perhaps such gestures enable a shift from a negative feminine condition within domestic interiors, to playful encounters, ‘outside’, in the passageways of our Edgelands, the ‘urban wild.’ Here, the dust and weight of economic overproduction are the ball and chain at the hems of the built environment – they are equally a weighty matter. However, this paper poses the ‘diagonal, lively line’ as a playful ‘weightless gravity’; a positive feminine gesture to diffuse and re-frame the negative connotations and more masculine flaneury associated with Edgelands.

Drawing on Luce Irigaray’s interpretations of the diagonal line and Rosalind Krauss’s definition of ‘horizontality’ as a gesture of resistance to hierarchies, via the force of gravity, the paper uses a poetic approach with Italo Calvino’s essay on ‘lightness’. It offers a way to interpret the ‘diagonal line’ and ‘the twist’ as choreographic, light gestures. To pivot round the newel post is to capture the ‘gravity and gravitas’ of the feminine condition and the characteristics of Edgelands in a ‘light touch’. This is the ‘twist’ out of hierarchical territories, to construct positive feminine approaches and to produce multi-sexed spaces in Edgelands.



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