An Interdisciplinary Visual Artist using constructed  ‘drawing’ across installation/textiles, performance and 2D.

Her work explores the rich textures of surface and the subversive within the philosophy of ‘being ‘ and ‘experience’ and tussles with  the everyday complexity of reality and dreaming.

Interdisciplinary  Fine Art, Textiles and Movement. The connection between them all is simply ‘Line’. Strong line, and how it defines, shapes, underscores, and engineers space.

I take the  complexity of space, sound, position and movement to  distill  it to something of simplicity by using a combination of text, strong shape and line to create architectural installations, spaces.

Working in interdisciplinary methods in installation, textile construction, architecture and design. Joanna’s practice negotiates spatial practices incorporating movement to propose memory and non-static spaces transforming existing spaces and creating fictional architecture and space. Her work contributes to dialogues on drawing and inhabiting spaces specifically alternative spaces or marginalised spaces.
Current research and Practice development is via PhD; Art, Architecture and Design, Bursary 2012. This is with specific focus on the effect of structure combined with movement to explore oppositions in architecture and how we value space according to architecture and its hierarchies. By engineering and creating virtual and fictional sites from existing ones Joanna’s work anticipates horizons of difference for inhabiting spaces.

‘She has had great success throughout her career and her latest exhibition with Horizontal followed a theme of “Alice in Wonderland” and the “contrast of white”. It was here she played with the theme of the queen and she displays her talent in a varitey of cleverly crafted pieces.’ http://www.derby.ac.uk/adt/postgraduate
‘I’ve landed from a greenhouse, I explore the edge of spaces, so I work with diagrams, maps and blueprints to reinterpret voids, this means I have used a variety of processes from technical through to performance.” (Imprecise-PreciseBlogspot)


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