Edgelands derived and written by Marion Shoard. Legends as non-fiction written by Michael Symmons Roberts and Paul Farley. My practice research contributes to extending Edgeland practices into the remit of art site-specific work and extends  Rosalind Kraus’ methodology of horizontality.

Denkbilders; poetic/philosophical drawings for drawing into edge lands.

Gifted participants at Leeds College of Art Feb 2015

Photography Lauren Robson11026020_10153003275348796_2733876711147343842_n 1002660_10153003275223796_3869548266636938631_n 10917292_10153003275303796_4532891917851784558_n 11019025_10153003275413796_8368956697380809154_n 11024715_10153003275693796_3274974629880386610_n 10610921_10153003275553796_5622994474664080704_n 11001882_10153003275633796_4898530277161590065_n


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